Reclaimed wood for bed Bedroom

Home design

Reclaimed wood has a lot dirt and grime on it, we can use brush sander or regular hand angle grinder with wire wheel. Just running it back and forth lightly over the surface, it removes dirt and stuff. Don’t bear down to much or you are going to get swirl mark in the wood. But it does do a great job of getting all off dirt and grime out the wood yet leaving a lot of character. Using orbital sander and get to 220 grit which is perfect for running your hand over and what we will do is build a nice finish, so silky smooth and soft.

The orbital sander has big pad and easy to softening the edge. Just going over the larger surface lightly letting the tool work and do not pressing down and bogging down on it and making it remove a bunch of material. We just getting the surface to be nice and smooth without loosing the character. Next step to a better finish is gonna be cleaning the wood using air compressor in combination with vacuum. Typically we just use air and blow to the soot and dust off and whatever the object we finishing.

The actual finishing of the reclaimed wood we can use water based poly acrylic its relatively cheap about $47 to $50 a can. The build of water based as well as it’s got low VOC and it’s very easy to clean and maintain.

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