Living Room Arrangements Tips

Living room

Living the luxury life is within our grasp and we don’t even know it. What if you can make your space look expensive without spending all your money. We don’t mind riding public transportation as long as we know when coming home to the amazing house. There is just something about coming home to a nice place that takes away all the stress of the day. Decorating is expensive but by carefully choosing and styling the right pieces for your house you can make it look quite fancy. Here is what you need to make a luxurious look living room :


Now that the rugs are in place lets add the sofa. It doesn’t matter what kind of sofa you are choosing as long as they have rich colors that will pop in your living room.

Huge rug

We need a huge rug that covers at least 70% of the room. Or if it’s not large enough, we can always get two of them and place them beside each other to create an illusion of one massive rug that fills the whole room. This automatically makes the room feel spacious and once your room feels bigger it will feel more expensive.

Large-scale art

When they are oversized they grab attention. This instantly makes your space feel fancy. That’s why when we visit an art museum we immediately think of it as a very posh and sophisticated space.

Furniture and decor with metallic finishes like gold

Its time to add furniture. Choose furniture either with metal finishes or metallic in material especially gold. Even it’s fake, its still gold color, the shine of this furniture will make your room glamorous and edgy.

Please also incorporate texture, incorporate diverse materials like glass, wood, velvet, leather, metal, even woven materials. Rule of thumb its always better to have the room looking coordinated and collected versus choosing to match everything and buying the whole collection. Don’t make your space uniform, that’s boring. Let also go green and we don’t mean money but plants and flowers is it artificial or alive. Place them on pretty bases and will surely improve the look of your living room. Its affordable home decor and space look like luxury and comfort.

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