How to replace a garbage disposal


If your kitchen currently equipped with garbage disposal that under power or little to loud, consider upgrading to a new one. Installing garbage disposal is easy, and today’s new model operate more smoothly and quietly. The range power from third horsepower all the way to full horsepower and you have the option of continuous feed or batch feed unit. Garbage disposal continuous feed model control from wall switch and food waste can be fed in while in operation. Batch feed garbage disposal won’t operate unless the cover is placed on the hopper, somewhat it safer. But whichever you choose though they all have some common parts. The tool we need today are actually pretty simple, we got a straight screwdriver, cross head screwdriver, pair of pliers and also needlenose pliers.

Remove current garbage disposer

Start with unplug the power. Under the sink where is garbage disposal unit we were going to replace, disconnect the drain pipe from discharge tube. Then disconnect drain hose from dishwasher. Up at the top of the disposer you will see the mounting ring that installed under the sink drain hole. Insert straight screwdriver into mounting ring just to the right of one of three mounting lugs, or turn it counterclockwise by hand to release the garbage disposer from mounting ring. Now remove the electrical cover plate and disconnect the disposer from power supply. If you replacing the garbage disposer with similar model you may able to keep existing mounting assembly in place, if not you may to replace that. Remove the snap ring and the entire mounting assembly will come off the sink flange. Now use screwdriver to loosen and remove the nut holding it. Remove the flange from above the sink and any old plumbers putty.

Install new garbage disposer

Apply new rope of plumbers putty to the new flange and press it firmly in place. Place something heavy in the sink to weigh down the flange and keep it from moving. From bellow insert a gasket over the flange then second flange and mounting ring. Hold all in place while inserting the snap ring. Tighten screws evenly and firmly against the backup flange. Flip the disposer over and remove electrical cover plate, pull the wire out and connect white to white and black to black or red using wire nuts. Then connect the grounding wire to the green screw. Push the wire back into the disposer and put back the electrical cover plate. Lift the disposer up to mounting ring and line three mounting tabs up with slide ramps on the ring. Turn the mounting tabs clockwise until the disposer lock in place on the ring. Connect the drain hose and discharge tube then tighten all.

Plug in the power and run some water in the sink and check for leak down below.

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