How to install laminate flooring

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Here is a tutorial on how to install laminate flooring, We are talking about medium density fiber or high density fiber laminate. Traditionally this came out it look like picture of three different peaces of wood.

Now we have got something that look like wide plank board flooring. This flooring product is a fabulous quality, has the joint in this click lock together really tight and you won’t see gaping over time.

There is lot of products on the market, lot of different prices range anywhere from a dollar square foot to five or six. So you get what you pay for. If you have a 10 years project and you are just looking to make something clean and you can sell your house by all means you can go to the cheaper end. But if you build new house and expecting the floor to last long time go to higher prices and its going to be 30 to 40 year floor.

For the best quality you have to use high quality under pad. Made from very thick piece of rubber also has vapor barrier on it. You can get cheaper product under 20 cent a square foot from wholesaler and if you go to building store you are probably going to 3 to 4 times as much. Little different from condo or apartment you have to get different flooring that kill the sound which is little more expensive.

The bottom of the pad is the gold foil side and has adhesive strip so when you do the next joint you can tape a pad on to the leftover foil. Always install the pad in the right direction so you can add the next layer. Basically just roll it out and cut it to fill the space.

Basic tool you need to this project is pretty simple. You should have tape measure, pencil, hammer and the cutting tool (not saw because it make crazy amount of dust).

If you doing this alone, I’m gonna recommend that you start the first and second row with a half offset. So cut your board in advance. Just like any other kind of flooring you want to have pay attention to you aging which is where your joints are meeting up. Traditionally its lock in nice and simple, lining it up there to give it wiggle clicks in places.

Now we have got this installed so that slide underneath the baseboard. We don’t want to start against the wall right away. If you working alone or even you have somebody with you this can be real tricky. Put joint at first board this also clicks together and drop it in than go to the next piece. It in a bit of conundrum because this type of flooring is not a lay lock system. We can just drop in place, you will see that there is a tong, so the way this works is the board has to be backed off a little bit, force it down and then drive it into the gap from the other side. Don’t Try to keep the board square, you want to work back and forth and your first and second row to cross your room.

At the and off wall we want to get our piece, make sure the tongue room is all facing the same way. Then turn it around so now you are going to be measuring the actual gap with the same piece of what this going to be cut and installed. Mark the floor to be cut within a quarter inch for expansion contraction. After the cut instead of trying to hammer it in, you can just drop it in because you have no room to get hammer from the end.

After you have about four or five rows done, take a minute and full the flooring forward out from underneath the baseboard and then move your flooring from the other side of the room where you have stored pile it all up on the floor. That will put enough weight on it. When you hammering those end pieces it won’t be sliding around anymore. It also maintains the gap that you want underneath your floor and around you perimeter. Try to keep a half inch gap everywhere you go and your floor last forever.

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