How to clean grout?


We have tile in the kitchen, shower, bathroom, basement and some bedroom. Grout is always getting dirty and is it hard to clean. Here is some trick on how to whiten and brighten your grout.

Something I want point out about grout as well is the reason it gets so dirty is because grout is a lot like the pores on our skin. It absorbs everything, now unlike our skin you can see all growth by just picking up a grout sealant actually home store. What you would have to do is clean the grout very well first and then apply the sealant. The releasing brown get dirty is because either it was never sealed properly in the first place or the sealant has come off. Now we whip the floor and use dirty water, you are actually making the situation worse. It pushing dirt from dirty mop water into the grout. When you are in the bathroom and showering whatever comes off your body is slowly being absorbed into the grout as well.

Here is some tool what we need to clean grout, spray bottle with water, cleaning tootbrush, cotton cloth, grimy grout and optional lemon.First thing that we use is it cotton cloth, the next thing you will need some water in a spray bottle. Next thing we need is the cleaning tootbrush and finally some baking soda.

The first technique that we are going to use is very simple. Just spray the grout line then apply baking soda to that grout line and it will form a paste. After 15 minutes we can do scrubbing it off with awesome cleaning tootbrush. We can spray litle water if the baking soda is going to dry.

Second technique is using oxygen bleach powder. Its a great way because we probably already have some at home and we using it for laundry or stain removal. It very simple, all you have to do is whip it up. Add a little bit of powder to boiling hot water that help ativate those oxygen bubbles which is going to help that dirt out. Then applied it with a cleaning tootbrush to the stained grout and let it sit. Make sure it was really wet because we don’t want it to dry for anywhere from 5 to up to 13 minutes. Then remove the product using wet microfiber cloth and it revealed clean grout.

The last way is using steam cleaner. This one is probably the best way to clean grout. It was the quickest to do through and through and it also restored grout to it most natural color. No bleaching or anything that lightens the grout it just restored it to its original shade. It happened is because steam cleaner gets right into those grout line, right into the pores of that grout and pushes out all of the dirt that has fallen into the pores. While you actually applying the steam and scrubbing you will see dirt start come out of the grout.

All you need to do is put steam cleaner attachment on those little nylon scrubby brushes and simply scrub back and forward. Whip it using cotton cloth and give a minute to dry and we will see beautiful clean grout lines. This is the most effective method but it is the most costly method.

There are grout cleaning product that you can purchase. But these three method is simple.

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