How to choose kitchen and dining bar stools

Home design

Bar stools have become the accessory of any kitchen to add the wow factor to any house. The kitchen once again becomes a hub of the house whether it’s for a cup of coffee, having a bite to eat or just the kids doing their homework.

Wood or metal

Many people think that only wood stools are really beautiful and more traditional looking, but you will be surprised how beautiful metal stools are today. Many metal stools integrate little pieces of wood.

A good height

We hear a lot of different heights out there, counter, bar, whatever. Average low counter height about 24 to 26 inches to the top of the seat. Medium counter height is approximately 30 inches to the top of the seat. Lastly, the most custom size and higher is about 34 inches to the top seat. When we measure from the floor to the bottom of your counter then minus 10 to 12 inches, it’s kind of a rule of thumb and that’s the size of bar stool you need.

Swivel or stationary

There is two option on a swivel, one is is called a memory swivel where it goes back right into the original position. Second is full swivel, it allows people to rotate around and we don’t actually have to hold it with your leg on the bottom and just let it stop wherever you like.

Arm or Armless

If you have for example a blast table and you are going to put arms you might have damage so I would recommend no arms for that scenario. But if you have a really strong granite or something nature can definitely consider arms, so it’s really comfortable. There are bar stools that have a rounded back and it almost feels like you have arms on the barstool but you don’t have to worry about it banging against your counter as you swivel around.

Seat cushions

There is some option on seat cushion, great fabrics, leathers, vinyl, and even some microfibers. If you want to add texture to your rooms consider a fabric most good manufacture offer you some kinda fabric protection so you don’t need to worry about all those little spills. Another thought might be to do leather or vinyl that looks like leather that’s really easy to wipe up.

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