How to build shelves


There is strong storage shelves or floating shelves. Build shelves could be in garage or in basement as well. Start by marking on wall up to 16 inches counting for the two by fours that will be on there and half inch OSB that will be on top of that. We use 16 inches because then we can easily slide the plastic tubs underneath for storage.

Cut the wood 16 inch with miter saw about 18 of it. Then cut 21 inches for the crossmembers because we want to foot deep shelves, and subtracted two one and half inches of two by fours to get 21 inches.

Measured where the crossmembers will be placed about every two feet and made mark. Use speed square to scribe a line across all of them. Mark the center of the crossmembers so those line cloud match up.

Use 2 and 3/4 inches screws for the whole build. We did’t drill pilot holes in the middle but on the ends of the boards to prevent cracking. Screw the 16 inches pieces that made earlier to side two by fours as well as into the wall. Because we can take the shelves and put them on it and supported slide the side pieces in. Put the two by fours in the wall cavities that not fall off the shelves backside and screw them.

Placed the OSB in and fell right in place. Then repeated the process for the second set of shelves. and also for the third. Shelves are very strong and can support a lot of weight.

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