How much cost to finish basement?


We are going to grand total for 1000sq feet project, and its average basement size. Let start with material list so we can come up with budget that you can plug it into your plan for you basement.

  1. 2″x4″
    I figured 300 studs in the walls and they are going to be eight foot or nine foot depending upon height of the basement from the concrete floor to the floor joist. Then 30 plates those are going to be top and bottom plates in the walls and also going to be part of soffit system. We need long lumber for those so with these 300 studs and 30 plates will be able to frame basement and the cost of those materials is about $1025 its depend your area.
  2. Fasteners
    Nails, screws, shot and pins normally get in one box and nails 50 pound box and generally about 2000 nails in that. Then 50 pound box of drywall screws because we need two five pound or three five pound boxes of drywall screws inch a quarter. Shot and pins for ramsett gun to shoot the walls to the floors about two boxes of each, its mean two boxes of shot and two boxes of pins. Prices for all is $120.
  3. Electric
    Wire, box is recessed lights, switches, outlet breakers all that good stuff everything to do a typical thousand square foot basement to code $725 dollars materials.
  4. Plumbing
    Its pecs lines the plastic water lines. A system used by most people in the business have switched over pecs. For all pecs equipment, waist line, schedule 40 PVC waste lines and all fittings to put it all together plus half bathroom (Sewage ejector and sewage ejector grinder pump motor) price come up is about $600.
  5. HVAC
    Flex lines include flex duct 4,6,7,8 inch for three feed to bring the air into basement, the heat in the AC pump it in for 2 return. Wasn’t expensive as we thought, about $225.
  6. Insulation
    For the 1000 square foot roni insulating the exterior walls, I figure five bags of 13 insulation. Not the rolls of insulation but the individual cut pieces, there is 11 eight foot pieces in the bag. Five of those is enough for fifty five pieces of insulation and the cost about $210.
  7. Drywall
    The board, the bead, the mud the tape and DIY all material cost is about $750.
  8. Painting
    Wall paint, trim paint, primer, tape, plastic, rollers and all accessories that use in painting job is about $500.
  9. Trim
    Trim is going to be 5 doors, base trim, hand rail, banister parts, some 3/4. For all cost about $720.
  10. Hardware
    Recall hardware is door knobs, door stops, closet shelving (eight foot closet and eight foot shelve). All cost put that together is $250.
  11. Lighting
    Lighting is our trim rings that went with our recessed light cans that we got in electric order, We have bulbs surface fixtures and one ceiling fan with light kit. All lighting cost for this project we got $400.
  12. Flooring
    To keep simple for this example we figure carpeting and padding in about whole basement. The only place that using tile is in the bathroom. Average bathroom is 3 to 3.5 feet wide and 8 to 9 feet long so its round that off the 40 square feet. So its will be 40 square feet tile and 960 feet carpet. Total cost for all material is $2500.
  13. Permits
    Permits are going to run us about $150.

So now 1000sq feet basement project come up with grand total $8175.

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